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Speaking out is the easiest and most effective way of supporting our group and an extension of the SkyTrain Millennium Line to UBC.    Here are some ways that you can support the initiative:

  1. Facebook
    Join our Facebook Group, “I Support Extending SkyTrain to UBC.” By becoming a member of this Facebook Group, you can participate in the many Discussion Board topics found on the Facebook page.   Voice your opinions, comments, questions, and concerns to us directly on our group wall.  Please also remember to invite your friends into joining this group.

    Please also post status updates and notes about news related to the UBC SkyTrain Group.  Be sure to tag your favorite friends!  Help us speak and reach out.

  2. Write to your local newspaper, such The Vancouver Sun, The Province, and The Vancouver Couirer
    Make online comment on news articles and letters to the editor related to the UBC SkyTrain extension, the Broadway Corridor, and Metro Vancouver rapid transit.   Don’t forget about your community based newspapers as well!

  3. Tell us your stories
    We are interested in listening to your stories about commuting to and/or through the congested Broadway corridor, whether it’s by transit, by bike, by walking, or by driving.  Email us at

  4. Write to your MLA, Transportation Minister Shirley Bond, Premier Gordon Campbell
    Email your local politicans to get the word out!  Your representatives are interested in your views and support to the UBC SkyTrain.  You can also email local city counsellors, mayors, and even TransLink, the regional transportation authority.

    Note: Shirley Bond’s link brings you to her Facebook page

We are committed to providing the public with the fact-based information they need to make an informed decision regarding this critical issue.    We thank you for your support!

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