5. Worldwide Automated Train Systems

Driverless trains and people movers reduce the operational costs and improve the frequency of service of trains operating on metropolitan railways and light railways.   Here’s a list of systems that are built with automation features (in italics are major systems):

– Detroit People Mover
– Miami Metromover
– Morgantown, West Virginia Personal Rapid Transit
– San Francisco AirTrain
– Denver Airport Automated Airport Transit System
– Atlanta Airport Automated People Mover
– Las Vegas McCarran International Airport People Movers
– Tampa International Airport People Mover
– Dallas-Fortworth International Airport SkyLink
– Newark International Airport People Mover
– Washington AeroTrain
– Jacksonville ASE
– Walt DisneyWorld Monorail
– Chicago O’Hare Airport People Mover
– New York JFK AirTrain
– Las Vegas Monorail
– Scarborough RT
– Vancouver SkyTrain Expo Line
– Vancouver SkyTrain Millennium Line
– Vancouver SkyTrain Canada Line
– Vancouver SkyTrain Evergreen Line

– Hong Kong International Airport Automated People Mover
– Hong Kong MTR M-Train EMU
– Hong Kong MTR Disneyland Resort Line
– Hong Kong MTR West Rail Line
– Hong Kong MTR Ma On Shan Line
– Hong Kong MTR Kowloon Southern Link
– Yongin EverLine Rapid Transit
– Kuala Lumpur Kelana Jaya Line
– Kuala Lumpur Aero Train
– Hiroshima Astram Line
– Aichi Linimo
– Nagoya Yutorīto Line
– Saitama New Urban Transit Ina Line
– Osaka Municipal Nankō Port Town Line
– Tōkadai Peach Liner
– Kobe Port Liner
– Kobe Rokkō Liner
– Yokohama Seaside Line
– Seibu Yamaguchi Line
– Tokyo Toei Nippori-Toneri Liner
– Sakura Yamaman Yūkarigaoka Line
– Tokyo Yurikamome Liner

– Beijing Capital International Airport People Mover
– Bukit Panjang LRT Line
– Taipei Muzha Line
– Dubai Light Rail
– Guangzhou Line 3
– Seoul KNR Bundang Commuter
– Seoul Subway Line 5
– Seoul Sin Bundang Line
– Shanghai Line 6
– Shanghai Line 7
– Shanghai Line 8
– Shanghai Line 9
– Singapore North East MRT Line
– Singapore Light Rail Transit

– Madrid International Airport People Mover
– Frankfurt Airport People Mover
– Leonardo da Vinci Airport People Mover
– Zurich SkyMetro
– London Gatwick Airport People Mover
– London Stansted Airport People Mover
– London Heathrow Airport People Mover
– Paris Orlyval
– Toulouse Metro
– Rennes Metro
– Paris CDGVAL
– Paris Line 13
– Lille Metro
– Turin MetroTorino
– Lyon Metro
– Duisburg Metro
– Dusseldorf Metro
– London Docklands Light Railway
– London Underground Jubilee Line
– London Underground Northern Line
– London Underground Piccadilly Line
– Lewisham Line 2
– Woolrich Line 2
– Mulheim/Ruhr Metro
– Nuremburg Metro
– Lausanne Metro M2
– Copenhagen Metro

This is not a complete list, but it does include most worldwide automated train systems.    There are also new and expansion systems being planned that are not mentioned.

(with files from Wikipedia)

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