3. SkyTrain in Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada: SkyTrain

Our SkyTrain system is the largest ALRT system in the world, consisting of two lines; the Expo Line and the Millennium Line.  The Expo Line opened in late 1985. Vancouver’s SkyTrains have operated from the start in fully automated mode. With the opening of the Millennium Line in 2002, Vancouver added to its original Mark I fleet the longer, articulated ALRT Mark II trains first used in Kuala Lumpur, which allow for significantly greater capacities.   Both lines total nearly 50-kms in length.

In September 2009, the 19-km SkyTrain Canada Line will open for service.   Although it does not use ALRT technology, it is ALRT-like with its automation and grade separated design in a completely private right-of-way.   In addition, in 2014 the SkyTrain Evergreen Line will open for service; a 11-km expansion of the SkyTrain Millennium Line.   Future extensions are also being considered for the Expo Line in Surrey.

Expo Line
– Completion: 1985; 1994
– Length: 28.9-kms
– Stations: 20
– Ridership: 190,000 passengers/day

Millennium Line
– Completion: 2002
– Length: 20.2-kms
– Stations: 13
– Ridership: 80,000 passengers/day

Canada Line*
– Completion: September 2009
– Length: 19-kms
– Stations: 16
– Ridership: est. 100,000 passengers/day

Evergreen Line
– Completion: 2014
– Length: 11-kms
– Stations: 6-8
– Ridership: est. 70,000/day

*While the Canada Line is part of TransLink’s SkyTrain rapid transit system, it is not identified as SkyTrain nor does it use Bombardier ALRT technology, but rather conventional rail.

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