4. Broadway Upgrades

The UBC SkyTrain Group recommends basic upgrades to be made around UBC Millennium Line SkyTrain stations for improved visibility and wayfinding.   Based on the Legible London pedestrian wayfinding system, we have rendered what signs could look like for different areas around SkyTrain stations.
Standalone Map and Sign


The above is a rendering of a stand-alone sign at the corner of Granville Street at West 10th Avenue looking north.  At the top, the local area would be clearly indicated with its distinct colour along with the intersection underneath.  Nearby attractions will be shown along with large transit destinations such as SkyTrain stations.  Different bikeways will also be indicated on the sign.  At eye level, a map of the local area will be shown.  Underneath the sign, different businesses can be indicated, which can be maintained by the local business improvement association.  Note that the map used on the above sign is simply a screenshot from current TransLink system maps.

SkyTrain Sign


Within 500 metres of all stations, SkyTrain signs similar to the one above should be posted to indicate to drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians the direction of the nearest SkyTrain station.

Redesign Areas

Redesign Areas

We also believe that there are a few key areas, particularly around South Granville Station, Broadway-City Hall Station, and Main Street – Mt. Pleasant Station, where a redesign of the area is needed to improve walkability and access.  Major redesign changes can include new wayfinding signs (like the ones above), areas for local community art, distinct street signs, street furniture, and street lamps, locally designed manholes, expanding sidewalks, improving crosswalks, and new grennery.  Areas around Broadway/Commercial Drive hub and portion of West Broadway between Macdonald and Alma require only a few small design changes.   Such changes include new wayfinding signs, distinct street signs, and local community art.  All of these redesign projects will benefit local businesses, residents, and tourists alike.

Note that UBC SkyTrain group also recommends a redesign for the Sasamat precinct.  Please see Midtown Bikeway on the next page for more information.

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