Our UBC SkyTrain Vision

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The UBC SkyTrain Line will be a 12 kilometre extension of the current Millennium Line from VCC-Clark terminus station.  Like the rest of the SkyTrain network, it would have fully automated trains moving commuters underground throughout the Broadway corridor.  It will connect to already developed communities, business districts, health care centres, education campuses, and important transit connections such as the Canada Line.  The UBC SkyTrain line would provide a seamless experience for commuters from Vancouver to Burnaby, and potentially to Coquitlam via the Evergreen Line.

Like all infrastructure projects, the UBC SkyTrain Line will be the key to the region’s transportation network, making Vancouver the true North American Gateway to  the Asia Pacific, improve the livabity of Metro Vancouver, and improving the local environment.

More Information:

  1. Key Objectives
  2. Overview and Route
  3. Why SkyTrain?
  4. Broadway Improvements
  5. Midtown Bikeway [U/C]
  6. Project Renderings [U/C]
  7. Studies and Reports [U/C]

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