One Pass Now

It’s been a while since we haven’t updated the blog, but there have been many developments in transit infrastructure in Metro Vancouver.  One of which is One Pass Now, a campaign for $25/month for all post secondary institutions.  UBC and SFU have been pretty spoiled with the U-Pass, but we too believe that all students attending post secondary should have access to this.  If you have a minute, check the site out by clicking the image above or by going to

We at the UBC SkyTrain Group, are fully supporting One Pass Now.  It’s also important to note, as this pass will encourage more students to be using transit, the need for a SkyTrain to UBC will grow.  You might be thinking: UBC already has a U-Pass.  Not VCC.  VCC already has a SkyTrain on the south side, but passengers coming from the west do not have direct access to the college unless they are taking the local routes.  The missing Broadway SkyTrain connection will allow passengers from the west side to VCC-Clark, making the current terminus busier and safer.


Canada Line opening August 17th, full service on August 18th

Just a bonus for all of you, we’ll be writing articles and posting photos for the August 17th opening of Vancouver’s newest rapid transit link, the Canada Line, connecting downtown with the airport and Richmond city centre.  Come celebrate the opening for free from 1:00-9:00.  Full service begins on August 18th; regular fares apply.  Also, be aware of the bus changes made for the Canada Line effective on September 7th.  For more information, visit TransLink’s information website on the Canada Line:

New SkyTrain cars go into service

Late last week, the first pair of the new generation Mark II SkyTrain cars went into service.  You’ll notice it right away with its new exterior livery scheme (grey, blue, yellow colours) and LED “final destination” signs located on the ends of each train informing those waiting on the platform where the train is headed (e.g. “To Waterfront”, “To King George”, “To VCC”, “To Metrotown”).

But what really has changed is the interior, among the changes are:

– The seating layout has been rearranged to allow a greater standing capacity, thus a much greater overall train capacity.   It also allows much more room for bikes, wheelchairs, and strollers.;

– A new interior colour scheme, similar to our new buses;

– New seating material that is more durable and dirt resistant;

– and “live” electronic maps showing where you are, which direction/station you’re heading towards.

The entire fleet of 48-cars will be in service in time for the 2010 Winter Olympics next February.    And by then, you’ll notice that nearly all of the Mark II-cars will be able to run in a 4-car train formation (very few 2-car trains, if any), increasing SkyTrain’s overall capacity by about 30%.

Some images and video, courtesy of the Buzzer blog:

Build it right

We are an organization of Metro Vancouver residents supporting the expansion of mass transit in the West Broadway corridor to serve both the University of British Columbia’s West Point Grey Campus and the local community.

We are committed to providing the public with the information they need to make an informed decision regarding this critical issue.

We believe that an underground SkyTrain extension of the Millennium Line to UBC will serve as an long-term solution to the corridor’s needs, and that ground-level light rail is no more than a minor upgrade from the existing 99 B-Line rapid bus service.

We favour options that will minimize construction disruptions. For instance, a bored tunnel under 10th Avenue will have far less impact on businesses, the community, and transit users than surface options along Broadway. In any case, we do not support cut and cover tunneling under Broadway.

The Broadway corridor is of not just local importance but also of regional importance, being the second largest employment centre outside of Vancouver City Centre. It is in need of a mass transit service that is fast, reliable, and convenient.

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