About Us

We are an organization of Metro Vancouver residents supporting the expansion of mass transit in the West Broadway corridor to serve both the University of British Columbia’s West Point Grey Campus and the local community.

We are committed to providing the public with the information they need to make an informed decision regarding this critical issue.

We believe that an underground SkyTrain extension of the Millennium Line to UBC will serve as an long-term solution to the corridor’s needs, and that ground-level light rail is no more than a minor upgrade from the existing 99 B-Line rapid bus service.

We favour options that will minimize construction disruptions. For instance, a bored tunnel under 10th Avenue will have far less impact on businesses, the community, and transit users than surface options along Broadway. In any case, we do not support cut and cover tunneling under Broadway.

Furthermore, we do believe that trams and LRT have a major place in the region (such as in Surrey, the Fraser Valley, other municipalities, and certain corridors in Vancouver that act as secondary routes).   Our organization is not anti-LRT, however, it is fundamental that the backbone of any rapid transit system be integrated, convenient, and of high speed and capacity and the Broadway-UBC corridor is one of significant regional importance requiring an extension of this backbone.   It is the second largest employment centre outside of Vancouver City Centre.   It is in need of a rapid transit rail service that is fast, reliable, and convenient.

Contact us: ubcskytrain@gmail.com

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