We’ve Moved To A New Site!

Our new site!

As promised, our second edition of UBC SkyTrain is now complete! The new site is designed to simplify information about the Broadway Rapid Transit Corridor, as well as related information. Along with our site redesign, we also have a new URL. See our full post at http://www.ubcskytrain.co.cc/


Site Upgrade

If you are wondering where we have been in 2010, the answer is really quite simple. We are in the process of making a dramatic upgrade to our existing website. 2010 is actually quite an important year as we move into the second phase of the Broadway corridor study, where a choice in the technology for the UBC line will be made.

Also new to the group is our twitter account. At the moment, you can only follow us on http://www.twitter.com/ubcskytrain, but we hope to expand these interactive services through widgets on our new website. Stay tuned.