Not just for UBC

It’s astounding how the UBC SkyTrain is portrayed by some as the SkyTrain to UBC, and nothing else but UBC in between.  Right?  Wrong…terribly wrong. 

Let’s focus on potential station areas.  This is why the term “Millennium Line West Extension” should perhaps be used instead.

  1. Finning Station – There are many plans in redeveloping False Creek Flats area.  Initially part of False Creek, the area was filled in for industrial use early in the 1900’s.  Today’s, it’s still largely industrial but it is also the home to Great Northern Way Campus (a technology post-secondary campus formed by UBC, SFU, Emily Carr, and BCIT).  The campus is slated for a massive overhaul, which will be designed and planned largely around the station built in the middle of campus as part of the Millennium Line extension.
  2. City Hall Station – Linking up with the Canada Line, the City Hall area is already bustling commercial and residential area.  It is the Central Broadway Business District, an extension of the Downtown Vancouver core.
  3. South Granville Station – The South Granville area is one of the largest outdoor retail areas outside of the Downtown core.  The corner of Granville and Broadway is still busy area even when the transfer point for Richmond/suburbs bound passengers has been moved to Cambie/City Hall area. It is part of the Central Broadway Business District.

Of course, there are many more in between, but these areas are growing, have plans to grow, and will continue to grow.  The Millennium Line extension simply acts as a catalyst for increasing development.  Is this a line just for the students of UBC?  Sure, they can use it, but it’s not just for them. 

A full list of Millennium Line West Extension stations from the existing VCC-Clark Station:
– Finning
– Main Street/Kingsway
– Cambie (connects with Canada Line)
– Oak Street/Vancouver General Hospital
– Granville Street
– Arbutus Street
– Macdonald Street
– Alma Street
– Sasamat Street
– and finally, UBC

Notice how the proposed Millennium Line West Extension station locations parallels the stops on the existing 99 B-Line bus service, which carries more than 60,000 passengers per day. 99 B-Line bus stops:
– Commercial/Broadway
– Clark
– Main
– Cambie
– Willow/Vancouver General Hospital
– Granville
– Macdonald
– Alma
– Sasamat
– Allison (UBC Village)
– UBC Loop (UBC Terminus)


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  1. I agree. Perhaps you could take the first step and stop calling it the UBC Skytrain. Wouldn’t “Broadway line” give people a better sense of what the line does, even if it’s not exactly on Broadway the whole way? Use the right term yourself, and you’ll cause others to consider. That’s how languages change.

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